Football Trading System Review

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"I've written this Football Trading System review based on my experiences with the actual product and opinion of the system. Many people are attracted to Football Trading because it is a sport they enjoy but many people will find it difficult to make money from it unless they know about some hidden factors that no-one else is talking about. Read on to find out more..."

Q. What is the Football Trading System?

The Football Trading System is a system by Ian Erskine and comprises of a manual and filtered daily football selection sent to your email inbox. The system aims to show you how to trade football matches profitably using tried and tested methods backed by statistics.

Q. What's in the Football Guide?

The manual is 35 pages long and goes into detail on how to choose football matches, set up your Betfair screen, staking plans and when / how to trade out.

Q. Are the daily selections any good?

The daily selections get sent to your inbox every morning. On some days there might be more than one selections and other days there could be none. The selections are hand picked by the expert, Ian. Here is what happened when I traded his first selection.

Q. Is this a Scam?

I've bought the product and used the system (screenshots available here) and I can say that, from what I've seen so far, I've been completely satisfied with what I have received. Should you not be satisfied, the product comes with a moneyback guarantee.

Q. Is This another "Lay the draw" system? I've used this before and it doesn't work.

I've gotten a few emails about this and what I can say is that this a "lay the draw" system with a few powerful tips. Many people claim to have used this type of system before but unfortunately simply laying the draw on every football match you can find is not a system. It is gambling.

The Football Trading System teaches you things that are not openly talked about on websites and forums. These include things such as how to select football matches properly, a list of the best football stats resources on the internet, staking plans and exit strategies.

Q. It sounds good but I'm still not sure.

If you're not sure it's fine. This product comes will a full money back guarantee so you can try it risk-free. If you are not satisfied with the system, I will personally help you get your money back.

Q. Why do you like the Football Trading System so much?

One word. Value. I believe that this system offers a lot of value to customers because of some of the things inside the manual and the daily selections that are sent to you (which should be a subscription fee but is not). The manual has some things that will force you to think about Betfair trading and even betting in a completely different way. Also, the customer support has been excellent so far.

If you're ready to join me using the Football Trading System, click here.


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